Why choose SMTP2GO?

Features on SMTP2GO

Stay Off Blacklists

Stay a step ahead of blacklists by preventing the cause of problems before they happen

Stay Out of Spam Folders

Create and maintain correct SPF and DKIM records for your domain names, with no prior knowledge.

Send Any Kind of Email

Send transactional emails from your app, general emails from Outlook, or makreting emails with a built-in unsubscribe link.

Rock Solid Infrastructure

SMTP2GO's global server network offers optimal performance, reliability, and security. Locations include Fremont, Chicago, Newark, Reston, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Sydney.

World Class Support

SMTP2GO's 24/7 global support team is available via online help-desk, phone, and live chat. Clients can expect swift resolution to queries, with unlimited access to free round-the-clock support.

Email Tracking

SMTP2GO's email tracking feature provides valuable insights into email campaign performance, including open rates, frequency of opens, and link clicks.